Rendezvous Information

We hold two rendezvous a year at the club site.  There are three areas designated for camping: Primitive area (all visable equipment pre-1840), Open Camping area (a mix of primitive and modern camping equipment) and Tin Tipi (RVs and trailers).  There is also an area set aside for Traders’ Row.

You’ll find several ranges to test your skills including hawk and knife, archery, rifle, pistol, trade gun, trade pistol and usually a number of specialty shoots.

The third weekend in May is our Spring Open Rendezvous.  Primitive dress is encouraged but not required, except for those choosing to camp in our primitive camping area. Primitive dress is required at our Fall Primitive Rendezvous usually held the third weekend in October.

Spring Rendezvous, May 17-19, 2019
(more info will be posted here as we get closer to the event)

NEW!  We want everyone to have a great experience at rendezvous.  We set out the following rules so everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them.  Please read the rules before you fill out your registration form:

SML Rendezvous Correct Rules  CLICK HERE   

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Campfire Rules:

1). You must have a campfire permit.  The permit is good valid for one calendar year.  If you do not have a 2018 permit, you must get one online.  There is a short video to watch, a short test to take and then you print your permit.

2). You must have a shovel and bucket of water at your campsite.  There are large water barrels throughout our site that you can get water from. 

3). When putting out a campfire you must use enough buckets of water so that it is cool to the touch.  We suggest a couple buckets at least.

4). Be responsible.  We are fortunate to have this beautiful land for our rendezvous; let's keep it that way.

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