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Sierra Muzzleloaders is a family oriented club that portrays the life style and practices the skills of the early American fur trappers of the 1820’s. The club was established in 1988 by two buckskinners by the names of Burt Hakkinson and Pete Lehr. Along with a few of their buckskinner friends they formed the club in Nevada City, Calif.  When word got out to the public that they had started this club the membership grew in leaps and bounds to the present numbers of 150 or more families.

In the beginning they had No holdings of any kind and just wanted to practice their sport with their friends and family but as with all things good the club grew out of the ability to do this in their own back yards. The clubs first real range was at the Ball Ranch site on the backside of Collins Lake. This was a beautiful site but sadly in the end the club had to move due to legal problems amongst the property owners. The club then moved to the Yuba County Water Agency property on New York Flat Rd. They did quite well there until they outgrew the size of the area and after talking to the Soper Wheeler Logging Co. acquired the land that they presently occupy on New York Flat Rd. This is a beautiful site in every way and the club feels that they have finally come home. This site is perfect for all of the events and programs that the club does. We have two Rendezvous’ a year on the site. The Spring Rendezvous is an open event to anyone that would like to come and enjoy a little of the past. The Fall Rendezvous is a strictly primitive event that is closed to the public. It’s at this one that the buckskinner with some experience really enjoys himself and sharpens his skill and knowledge of the past and spends a lot of quiet time with the family living in the 1820’s.

 The Spring Rendezvous is always on the third weekend in May and the Fall Rendezvous is on the third weekend in October. For more information about the club please feel free to ask questions of any members present . We are a non-profit organization and are ready and willing to do history programs and demonstrations for any organizations or schools when we are available. We do many of these programs each year and they are an important part of our activities.