We are sorry to announce that our Fall Primitive Rendezvous is cancelled.  Between the national health emergency and current fire conditions it seems the safest for everyone.  Hopefully, we will see you at our Spring Rendezvous in May 2021.

For Jason Scheu’s latest video about our club CLICK HERE.

Welcome to our world of black powder shooting, buckskinning, and rendezvous and a continuing adventure in living history. It is healthy outdoor fun and fulfillment for the whole family. Sierra Muzzleloaders is a nonprofit club composed of active men, women and children who appreciate our sturdy cultural heritage of the mountain men, those hardy fur trappers of the early Nineteenth Century who crossed the wide Missouri in search of beaver pelts and then stayed on to make possible the winning of the West. Their time in history was brief, just twenty years, from 1820 to 1840, but their contribution to the formation of the American character is timeless. Today, groups like ours throughout America seek to preserve their frontier skills and crafts and hopefully to build into our children some of the pioneers' moral fiber.

So, whatever your interest – black powder shooting, camping and rendezvous, traditional skills and crafts such as leatherwork, Indian beadwork, blacksmithing, primitive cooking, the excitement of living out a colorful period of our history, or maybe some of each of these – get in touch with us and learn more about us. Whether you’re married, single, young, old, male or female, you’ll find the members of SML are a friendly, fun-loving bunch, good citizens and hard working supporters of their communities, quick to welcome newcomers, and staunch in their loyalties. Come get to know us, be involved in our commitment in preserving our heritage. We believe you’ll like what you discover!

We meet at 12:00 noon, the first Sunday of every month at our club site near Forbestown, CA.  You will find directions (HERE) and announcements for upcoming events elsewhere on this website.  Like the mountain men of old, feel free to explore.

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